this was how the old neighborhood looked like in old Greece, where someone not only could buy goods of everyday needs, but could also sit down and have a snack or enjoy a glass of wine.

Nowadays, Bakalikon is a traditional tavern, at the Old City of Dachau.

We have created an atmosphere as close to the one of the old neighborhood‘s Bakalika as possible.

Our Philosophy

We are inviting you to a journey to the world of gastronomy and high quality food in our place, at the Old City of Dachau; and one must never forget that food for us is not only a biological need, but it also is fun, delight, a feast. We believe that Gastronomy is directly and deeply connected with Hospitality (“Filoxenia”), one of the first and most important principles of Greek civilization. Hospitality for us is a value, a ritual, a higher state and degree of civilization. The most important ingredient that makes the Bakalikon recipe successful and unique is respect for our customers‘ needs. So, we provide high standard and quality service to our customers, in a warm and cosy environment. Another important fact is that the food in our tavern is not based on standard or pre-cooked ingredients, but on original recipes of Mediterranean origin and its preparation is based entirely on traditional methods. Our tavern‘s function is completely family run, a result of the owners‘ daily and personal care and effort for every single point and detail of the food processing.